Who Can Benefit from MBC

People experiencing:

Fatigue, High Stress, Low Energy

Anxiety,Depression, Mood Imbalance

Immigration and Cultural Adjustment

 Self-Esteem and Abuse Coping Issues

 Suffering from Loss 

 Body Image Issues (cancer, surgery recovery, age)

Stress and Loneliness Concerns

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Weight Gain/Loss

Physical or Emotional Pain;

Chronic Pain and Mobility Impairment (for example, MS, Parkinson’s, or a car accident).

Integration of mind and body assists a client in finding his or her unique way

  • to feel whole and healthy again;
  • to find balance and emotional stability;
  • to establish mindful connection to Self and others;
  • to deal with fatigue, depression, or anxiety;
  • to recover from loss;
  • to walk and to pause with harmony;
  • to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • to develop better skills in listening and understanding;
  • to improve relationships and communications;
  • to alter patterns of negative thoughts and addictive behaviours;
  • to become better parent, grandparent, or partner;
  • to improve his or her body image and gain a peaceful mind
  • to gain mindfulness;
  • to improve the quality of life.

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