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Shreveport2013 196Let us talk about some of the Mind  & Body Counselling concepts…

What do you think developed first: movement or word?

I imagine in the earliest times, before language developed,  people communicated by sounds, jesters, and body language. It was movement, not  dance.  Dance came later, as cultures appeared. Dance has been with us a long time: moving  around fire, performing hunting rituals and healing circles.Language is also ancient. As it emerged it connected people and provided self-expression. Word and dance are two curative medias I work with. My sessions  will allow you to experience the primary healing power of both: movement and words.

Does healing come  from our body or from our mind?

You can look for an answer right now, but you definitely will touch on this  question during our sessions. You will experience the urge to find your own unique,  mindful ways  to restore balance to both: your body and your mind.

                                                  Are you familiar with multimodal healing?

In our fast evolving world, most innovative healing modalities involve more than one technique. Examples are “modern and traditional medicine”, “diet and exercise,” “yoga and massage”, “East and West”, and so on. My major methods offer to restore clients’ harmony and health are counselling and somatic movement.

                   What is Somatic Counselling or Mind & Body Counselling? 

My sessions have two main modalities: counselling and somatic movement.

Counselling. It is talking and listening. It is a client-oriented mindful  dialogue.  It is a “Now” oriented experience. The efficient “wholeness”  approach will allow you to become aware of the needs and  interaction of your mind and body. It will rediscover or enhance your connections with yourself and your world.

Somatic movement (Something NEW can happen…).  The term is derived from the word “Somatic” (Greek “somatikos”, soma: “living, aware, bodily person”) which means, pertaining to the body, experienced and regulated from within.  The concept of soma posits that neither body nor mind is separate from the other; both are part of a living process. They are ONE.

Finding the nature movement during our sessions will come from our somatic study and somatic awarness. Somatic study is an inquiry into our “lived body” by observing and exploring ourselves through sensing and moving. It is simply and most profoundly, the study of how human embodied experience unfolds. Somatic awareness includes attending to our external senses — sight, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching — as well as to our proprioception or the sensing of our movements. Proprioception guides our senses in the world and underlies our capacity for orientation.

Somatic movement is a movement that feels good and organic. It may be your old movement or it is a process of natural re-patterning. It is looking and finding movement and dance, which suits you and your mood. It is a new way that helps you to facilitate your recovery and alleviate your pain. It soothes your existence, your conditions, and your memories.

Ilana  Rubenfeld, a famous synergy healer, once said, “The body is the sanctuary  of the soul”. You can allow yourself to start listening to the wisdom of your body, while reading my blog. “What  the body remembers has been encoded and stored within the central nervous system’s  vast internal filing system. And often it is only when these bodily data have  been summoned forth and integrated with an understanding of the milieu, in which  certain destructive patterns of being have emerged ,that something  new can happen,” Maggie Scarf wrote. Let’s open the space for something wonderful, positive, and new to happen.

                                         What are the effects of Somatic Counselling?

It gives you freedom from your worries. It provides a connection/unity between  your body and your mind. It improves your body image perception, your  balance, your mood, and your communication. It re- patternes your movement and thinking. The unique program will be designed to help YOU with your psychological and physical conditions, resolving mind – body issues, gaining self-confidence, improving your ability to control your depression and anxiety, enhancing your life quality.

“It turns out that in the last thirty years, medicine has come to know, from a wonderful blossoming of research and clinical practices in the field variously known as mind/body medicine, behavioral medicine, psychosomatic medicine and integrative medicine, that the mysterious, dynamic balance we call ‘health’ involves both the body and the mind… It turns out that we all have, lying deep within us, in our hearts and our very bones, the capacity for a dynamic, vital, sustaining inner peacefulness and well-being, and for a huge, innate, multifaceted intelligence that goes beyond the merely conceptual.”

From J. Kabat-Zinn“Coming to Your Senses”

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