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“Movement, to be experienced, has to be ‘found’ in the                                                               body, not put on like a dress or a  coat. There is that in                                                                 us which has moved from the very beginning: it is that                                                                 which can liberate us”.

Mary Starks Whitehouse

 Elena’s Mind and Body Counselling  (MBC) is a unique  healing centre located in downtown Ottawa.

Elena Shalaev is the founder and the president of  MBC. She believes that our mind and our body are ONE. MBC utilizes two major modalities integrating mind and body: counselling and movement therapy. Elena is a professional counsellor (CPCA) and an internationally known registered movement therapist (ISMETA). MBC helps a wide variety of clients experiencing mental, emotional, or physical distress (see tab “Who Can Benefit from MBC”).

MBC is dedicated to improve your quality of life and your health through counselling and engagement in art, dance, somatics, and other creative self-expression.  The company’s philosophy is based on the somatic principles and the concept of embodiment of our experiences and our pains. MBC approach initiates somatic natural re-patterning of your body and mind. A New You will emerge through discovering YOUR DANCE and through providing remedies for both: your mind and your body. 

MBC offers a wide range of modalities: counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), stress management, hands-on somatic therapy, somatic movement therapy, somatic yoga, body image therapy, mindfulness practice, art, and dance therapy.

Each participant in individual or group therapy sessions, is assured respect, confidentiality, and high ethical standards. One of the main goals of my holistic, client-tailored approach, is creating a safe, relaxed, and comfortable environment. You and I are working together: changing, listening to each other, talking, breathing, letting go, and dancing.

Professional services are provided in English or Russian.

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